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Wedding Officiants and Ministers


Wedding Ceremony

Pre-Marital Counseling

Vow Renewals

Defining Moments Ministries


You’ve made a life-changing decision to join your lives in marriage.

You want to celebrate the beginning of this new journey together as a couple.

What brought you here?

How do you want to remember this most sacred and special day?

Where do you see yourselves going in the years ahead?

What are your plans to get there?

This is where we begin, because this isn’t just any moment...this is a Defining Moment.


I'm Reverend Don Anderson, a licensed and church ordained minister for over 30 years. I am a student of life and a student of marriage. I will work with you to provide a personalized wedding ceremony that is both memorable and meaningful. Whether you choose a more traditional service, or design your own unique ceremony, I will assist you in every way possible to create the wedding of your dreams.

Services Offered

Defining Moments Ministries is privileged to officiate wedding ceremonies incorporating many faith backgrounds. Vow renewals, rehearsals, and other services may be included. Rev. Don offers premarital and relationship counseling to help couples build a strong foundation for a long and lasting relationship. He creates personalized ceremonies, which may include a couple's own customized vows that will allow them to share the heart of their relationship with others in attendance. With an extensive background in family studies, along with transition and loss counseling, he can incorporate children as a part of the ceremony, as well as address difficult family matters in meaningful ways.


Magnolia Matrimonies

Wedding Officiant service in the Southeast & beyond. We specialize in performing Elopements, Weddings, and Vow Renewals.  

Radiant Gatherings


My name is Reverend Sandy Tracy, and as a licensed minister, I love to work with couples individually to create a beautiful, creative, memorable ceremony. All of my ceremonies customized and specific to you as a couple.

I work with secular, interfaith, or religious materials as needed. I also perform many same sex weddings and offer services for elopements and vow renewals.

Sensational Ceremonies

The Most Trusted Officiants

The professional officiants of Sensational Ceremonies serve Orlando and the beautiful coasts of Florida, Tennessee, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Dallas, Indianapolis and New Orleans. We will happily perform a customized wedding rich in life, love and laughter at the location of your choice, exactly the way you want it. Whether barefoot on the beach, at a mountain resort, church, or in your backyard, we look forward to making this day rich with emotion. With our new Sensational Intimates, we even take the stress of planning away by creating an all inclusive wedding for guests under 30.

Smoky Mountain Sounds


Officiant Services are available for couples wanting a unique and personalized ceremony.

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