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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What You Need to Know Before Shopping for a Wedding Gown

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You got the ring, and now it’s time to find the dress. This is how you start the process.

Know the style of your wedding. Are you going for classic and formal, or are you keeping your affair more informal and casual? Either way, your dress sets the tone for your event, so keep this in mind when you’re looking for inspiration.

Have an idea of what style of gown you would like, but don’t get your heart set on it. You have to be open to different silhouettes, colors, and fabrics because you don’t know what will work best with your body until you’re wearing it. You may love the idea of a blush, full-lace trumpet with a cathedral train, but your confidence in the gown will be the deciding factor. Keep an open mind, and know what you want, as well as what you don’t—and then try them both on.

Find your fashion squad. Resist the urge to invite every woman in your family, and only bring the people whose views matter the most to you and best reflect your own. The more opinions you have, the harder it will be to find the dress that you love the most. We recommend bringing no more than four people with you to minimize stress and confusion. For anyone who you couldn’t include, take lots of pictures—they’ll still love to see the fashion show.

Know your budget. Does it include your dress only, or are the costs of your other accessories figured into that number? Also remember that hidden costs, such as shipping, special measurements, and alterations can occur, so be sure to give yourself a margin wherever possible. Be sure, too, that your expectations are in line with your budget—you can get a gorgeous gown for $500, but you’ll want to keep an open mind.

When you’re ready to begin trying on, be sure to book an appointment rather than just walking in. You want to ensure that you have a stylist who is dedicated entirely to you and what you want for the duration of your try-on process. Simply walking into a bridal boutique, especially on a weekend, without an appointment will likely leave you without as much help as you deserve, as the stylists will already be booked by people who remembered to call ahead.







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