Traditional bridesmaids dress ideas
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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Choosing the Right Bridesmaids Dresses for Your Wedding

You’ve found your dress—but what will your bridesmaids wear? Of course, there’s a lot to consider when you’re responsible for telling multiple girls what to wear, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Consider the tips below to begin styling the perfect bridal party!

1. Same dress, same color 



The most traditional choice, having your bridesmaids all wear the same dress in the same color not only photographs well, but also creates a nice sense of uniformity which visually ensures that the bride is the focal point. However, this can create a challenge if your bridesmaids have different income levels or body types. Consider these factors when you’re choosing the dress that you are asking your wedding party to wear.

2. Same dress, different colors


If you’re planning a wedding with lots of color and a focus on individuality, carrying this theme over into your bridesmaids’ attire could be fun. By requiring that everyone wear the same dress, you guarantee that your bridal party looks cohesive while also highlighting all of the colors in your wedding. When choosing this option, just be sure to take everyone’s skin tones into account to make sure no one clashes too much.

3. Same color, different dresses 



The perfect choice for a bridal party with a variety of body types, allowing bridesmaids to choose whatever dress they want in a specific color allows each of your bridesmaids to feel confident and beautiful as they stand beside you at the altar. For the tall and thin bridesmaid, consider a column silhouette, as this will accentuate her stature. For curvier girls, we recommend semi-fitted styles, such as an empire waist or a wrap dress. (As a matter of fact, a wrap dress is everyone’s friend. Take note.)

4. Play with pattern and texture 


Maybe you’re having a bohemian-influenced fete, and you’re not as concerned with matching so much as the idea of complementary styles. In this case, playing with texture and pattern could be your solution. Perhaps you ask only that everyone’s dress is an earth-tone and made of chiffon, or maybe you tell all of your girls to choose their favorite piece in a floral print. This choice, while slightly more whimsical, creates a high degree of visual interest and makes for captivating wedding photos when it’s done well.

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