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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Vendor Spotlight: Always Yours Occasions

Vendor Spotlight: Always Yours Occasions


Wedding planning is fun and emotional. The wedding itself should be a beautiful beginning for a marriage.  -- Cheryl & Kate Damron

A mother-daughter team, Cheryl and Kate Damron have officially been in the business of planning wedding events for over three years. Neither was new to event planning when they decided to become certified wedding planners and forge ahead  doing business together as the company, Always Yours Occasions. Their vision and the guiding principle of their business success can be summed up by one of the questions they always ask a couple seeking their services: “What do you want to remember when you look back on your wedding day?” This simple, yet probing question helps Cheryl and Kate better understand what really matters to the couple and how to reflect this in every aspect of their planning.


A Likely Business Partnership


Cheryl, married with four grown children, has an undergraduate degree in family development and a master’s degree in family and child development. Her studies have fuelled her passion for helping people, and for more than ten years, she worked in and managed the children’s ministry at her church. Cheryl’s passion for families made her a perfect advocate for brides and grooms, deeply desiring for them to experience success in their marriage.

Kate believes firmly in the possibility of undying love, and while this sentiment alone connects with her mother’s, Kate’s training and bachelor’s degree in communication studies solidifies a business model that seeks to articulate each couple’s vision through every facet of the wedding. She also manages much of the social media for Always Yours Occasions. Both Kate and Cheryl exude a quiet confidence that make them easy to talk with, and undoubtedly has a calming, reassuring effect on the couple.

“Marriage is one of the most important relationships we build in life,” Kate and Cheryl believe.  “It is a privilege to support couples so they can focus on their relationship.” The groundwork for their successful partnership was laid with Cheryl’s more than 20 years of event planning experience, which quite naturally led to churchgoers and friends requesting her expertise to plan their weddings. Cheryl loved the work, and her early clients strongly encouraged her to do this work full-time. Kate welcomed the opportunity to help couples work together creatively and also be able to fully appreciate the event that would celebrate their futures together. 

A Range of Services Offered

Unlike many other wedding planning services, Always Yours Occasions is fully licensed and certified. Cheryl and Kate provide professional assistance that helps alleviate the feeling of being overwhelmed -- while creating much-needed harmony in the areas of work, life, and wedding preparation. This savvy mother-daughter team coordinates with a wide array of wedding vendors which saves the couple time and money, and keeps the wedding day flowing smoothly. 

Cheryl and Kate are members of the Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC), and through this association’s partnership with Sandals, Beaches, and the Grand Pineapple, Always Yours Occasions connects couples to special pricing for destination weddings, honeymoons, and vacations. The ABC also works with specific hotels to give special rates on reserving blocks of hotel rooms.

When it comes to wedding design, Cheryl and Kate rely heavily on what they observe in a couple’s own tastes. “It often helps to take note of their personal style, like what type of purse brides carry, where they shop, and what restaurants they like.” They have developed tools to find out what is truly important to the couple, and they note that today’s trends include couples making more decisions together and what Kate calls, “a unique, almost whimsical look.” But Always Yours Occasions focuses not so much on presenting a stunning decor or an over-the-top-experience. Cheryl and Kate believe that the most heartfelt way to make a wedding memorable is by highlighting the wonderful relationship the couple has with each other and with their guests.


A Few Words of Advice

“Bring a planner on your team early in the process!” Cheryl adds that great wedding planners not only help save the day, but they do much more to relieve a couple’s level of stress and to help create a work/life/wedding balance. Vendors are also a crucial ingredient, so make sure to hire reliable vendors who are certified and insured. Kate's final word of advice: “Don't let preparing for a wedding overshadow the importance of preparing for marriage together and continuing to build relationship with each other.”

Cheryl and Kate love seeing the planning details come together as a bride and groom see their vision become reality.  To us, it’s not work,” says Cheryl. “It's fulfilling to witness the joy and commitment expressed by the couple, knowing we’ve been part of something beautiful and meaningful.


You can check out a bit more info about them and their services here. 

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