What to Do When You Love Your Wedding Vendors
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Saturday, March 11, 2017

What to Do When You Love Your Wedding Vendors

What To Do When You Love Your Wedding Vendors 


Sometimes in the journey of planning a wedding, you become more than a customer of your wedding vendors - you become a fan. In fact, sometimes you receive such outstanding customer service that you become a fan - before they’ve even delivered the final product! 

While I’m sure that you’ve thanked your vendors in person for their amazing work, you may want to go the extra mile to show them just how much you appreciate their contribution to your wedding day. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that you loved our service, and having a new person join our growing list of happy customers helps our wedding business grow. Here are a few ways to show your gratitude to your wedding vendors, that will also help us show potential customers what we’re all about. 

- Write a “thank you” note. We like getting ’snail mail’ just as much as you do! When we get a thank you card in the mail, it always gets a special place on our desk. Some wedding businesses even have a ‘wall of fame’ where they display every thank you card they’ve received, so that potential customers have a chance to see how much other couples loved working with that vendor. 

- Leave a review. Reviews are one of the first places a potential wedding client looks at when considering a vendor. Your review of their service will tell the world that they’re a great choice for a wedding, and keep customers coming their way. Consider leaving a review on one or more online location such as Facebook, Google, or Yelp. 

- Write a written testimonial/referral. Written testimonials are a bit different from reviews. A written referral is a short (or long) paragraph describing your experience with that wedding vendor that you email a business to use on their website or promotional material. Write it as if you were recommending one of your friends to their service, describing exactly how they made your life easier and why you should consider that person for your wedding.  

- Send them a photo. Once you get your professional photos delivered, pass on a beautiful photo of their work in action. A wedding vendor can never have enough photos of their work to show the world what they’re capable of, or to keep their social media channels up to date. If it’s a DJ or band, send them photos of everyone having a great time on the dance floor. If your photographer caught a photo of your hairstylist or makeup artist at work, send them those photos to put on their website. Send your cake designer some gorgeous photos of their work surrounded by matching decor, or a photo of your ring bearer stuffing his face with a cupcake - they will truly appreciate it! 

- Tell them about the compliments you received. “Everyone couldn't stop talking about how beautiful my dress was!” “My bridesmaids were so impressed that my hair stayed perfectly in place, even though I danced all night!” “People kept asking me where I got my nails done, and I was so happy to refer you because I just loved your work.” These sort of comments are music to a wedding vendor’s ears! We love to share these compliments we receive with others, and to keep us excited about the work that we do.

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