Thursday, March 20, 2014

Elegant Vineyard Wedding

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Elegant Vineyard Wedding by Evan Chung Photography

Get ready to fall completely in love with this elegant vineyard wedding by Even Chung Photography! From start to finish, this wedding is fun, elegant, and just absolutely amazing. The bridal party started their day in bright, colorful kimono robes and comfy silver TOMS. The kimonos were a brilliant idea of mixing tradition and culture with some vivid color and modern style. I am absolutely adoring the trend of brides having more than one gown for their wedding day. The glowing bride, Amy, chose to wear a stunning red and gold embellished gown for a little photo session before the wedding. The gown is lavish, refined, and so grand. You know Amy felt like a movie star in it. The handsome groom, Rocky, showed up to the “before” shoot in a red vest and bow tie, perfectly matching Amy’s red gown.

The ceremony itself took place in the amphitheater of The Mountain Winery in the always beautiful California. The elegance continued when Amy slipped into her wedding dress with its detailed lace and crystal beading. From the ankle strap heels with the sweet bows, to her blushing veil, Amy’s look is darling, elegant, and classic all at once. Rocky made a quick switch himself into a silver vest and bow tie to for his ceremony look. Being married at The Mountain Winery, the couple took the theme and ran with it. The ceremony and reception was surrounded by the splendid fields of grape vines and barrels of wine. With such a remarkable venue, the couple kept their decorations soft and simple, while still delivering the illuminated elegance that defined the whole day. Enjoy inserts below from the bride herself for extra details about her special day.

“Everything happened so fast on the day of the wedding. It was the product of only nine months of planning, during which many difficult details and decisions were discussed and made. On the actual day, everything fell into place as we had hoped for, thanks to a great bridal party, wedding venue coordinator, and of course, a well experienced and talented photographer and his assistant. At the end of the day, we rejoiced as a newly married couple, confident that the day would be cherished in our memories together, as well as those of our guests. Many guests told us after the fact, that our wedding was unique and special in that it was simple, yet fun.”

What inspired your wedding day design?

“The inspiration behind the day was of course to become husband and wife and to share the happy moment with our close friends and family. What we wanted to create for our guests was a beautiful day that they would remember and cherish for as long as we would. We did not want to follow any of the standard wedding “recipes” that we had seen in the past weddings that we have attended. We did this by incorporating our tastes and preferences with all of the suggestions and expertise that our vendors gave us. Through all of the input, we were able to create a wedding day that was uniquely ours – Amy and Rocky’s.

What items from the wedding were DIY? 

“A good deal of the inspiration for the look, design, and layout of our wedding decorations and arrangements came from sources such as Pintrest, Etsy, and wedding magazines. 

“In the interest of executing our personal preferences and touch, we decided to DIY all of the floral arrangements, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony aisle decorations, table centerpieces, ring pillow, and the flower girl basket. We bought the flowers on our own and for twelve hours on the day before the wedding, my sister (the matron of honor) and I painstakingly cut, arranged, and assembled all of the flowers for the wedding. Our hard work was validated at the conclusion of the reception, when we saw guests taking centerpieces and flower arrangements home with them as souvenirs!”

Did everything go as planned?

“The first and most apparent touch that made this day extra lovely was something that we had no control over, which was the weather. It had been overcast with high chances of rain throughout the entire week preceding the wedding. However, on the special day, the sky was a beautiful clear blue with the sun shining high in the sky. 
With the great weather setting the day on a good course, we found the rest of the events that day easy and smooth due to the eagerness and help from everyone involved in the wedding. We are a very down to earth couple with easy expectations, but on our wedding day, we felt like royalty. Everybody was happy to offer help, anticipated needs, and did their part to keep things flowing. There were a hiccup here and there, which is to be expected with such a big undertaking, but any problems were resolved as efficiently and expeditiously as possible, without having to involve us. We were left to enjoy each other and the day, as everything fell into place before us.”

By Brittany Rhodes

Photographer:  Evan Chung Photography | Makeup Artist: A-List Makeup | DJ: BlazeWave Entertainment | Photo Booth Equipment:Say Ya Photobooth | Caterer: The Mountain Winery

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