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Best Wedding Photos of 2013 Contest

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Best Wedding Photos of 2013

This is the first year The Bride Link is hosting a contest for best wedding photo of 2013, and we are so excited to reveal the top 15 finalists! Choosing the photos below was a challenge as we received so many breathtaking photos from photographers from all over the U.S. Thank you so much to all the photographers that submitted photos and have supported The Bride Link all year!

VOTING BEGINS TOMORROW! Visit our Facebook page tomorrow to vote on your favorite photo of the year! The winning photographer will receive 6 months free advertising on The Bride Link at our highest level, The Spotlight Package (over $700 value.) Voting ends at 8:00 on Wednesday night.

We will follow up this contest with “Best Moment of the Year” and “Best Style Shoot of the Year,” so stay tuned!

Top Wedding Photos of the Year

When choosing the finalist below, I looked for photos that do three things…

1. Tell a story.

2. Creates an emotion.

3. Creatively uses lighting, pose, and props/setting.

Below, I give a short description of why each photo stole my heart and was chosen as a finalist.

Stealing Kisses

In this photo, a groom steals sweet kisses from his bride among blossoming trees on their wedding day. It represents all the romance and passion that keeps me in love with weddings every day! I also enjoy the creative use of the tree branches that perfectly frame the couple’s faces.

by Dixie Pixel

Secret Romance

When I first saw this photo, I literally gasped! It is a though the secret kiss of this couple in the woods gave life to the fallen trees above. What creative use of lighting, pose, and nature!

by Sullivan Photography at RT Lodge

Goodbye for Now

This photo holds so many emotions for me. After an evening of celebrating with family and friends, the happy couple always has to say goodbye. It’s a bitter sweet moment for me. The fun and excitement feels over yet, in a way… it has all just begun.

by Gold Hat Photography at Emu Bottom Homestead near Melbourne

Simple Southern Glam

This photo perfectly combines some of the most gorgeous wedding themes of 2013 all in one photo. The creative use of cotton reminds me of so many gorgeous, southern weddings I’ve viewed online throughout 2013. Many couples chose cotton fields as their location for their engagement sessions while others chose old plantation homes for their reception venue, both of which stole my heart in 2013. Flower crowns have graced the pages of my favorite wedding blogs as well as unique hairstyles like this bride’s fishtail braid. Lastly, blush wedding dresses were a popular alternative to the traditional white wedding gowns for brides in 2013. I honestly hope that these trends sneak their way into 2014, because I can’t get enough of them!

photo by JoPhoto | Flower crown by L.B. Floral | at Boone Hall Plantation

Rustic Elegance

This photo perfectly combines the beauty of the outdoors with the elegance and grace of a bride. I could not be more excited about this creative use of pose and setting! What a unique idea for the daring bride!

photo by Leah Bullard Photography


This first look between the bride and groom could not be more emotional! There is so much adoration in his eyes, she could hardly stand it.

Fun fact about this couple: The bride was injured in a skiing accident … and the groom was actually the surgeon who mended her. The rest is history!

photo by Julie Roberts Photography


I love everything about this black and white photo, but mostly, I love the excitement that is so obvious on each lady’s face. The bride and her bridesmaids are headed to her wedding, and I can only imagine how much anticipation she is all feeling as she is about to say “I do!”

by Gold Hat Photography


The description for this photo is simple… I’m obsessed with sunflowers and this photo stole my heart in every way.

photo by JoPhoto


I kept going back to this photo trying to pin point why I love it so much, and finally I realized… I love this photo because it perfectly shows the support a bride has on her wedding day surrounded by the most important women in her life – truly beautiful.

photo by IQ Photo

Glowing Beauty

The contrast in this photo immediately drew my attention – both literally and metaphorically. This stunning bride is surrounded by massive boulders yet her bright elegance overpowers their size, and she remains the center focus of this photo. It perfectly captures the beauty, femininity, and strength of this bride as a woman.

by Alex Bee Photo

Summer Escape

This silhouette of the bride and groom is absolutely stunning! I can just hear the bride saying, “Come on dear, hold my bouquet and let’s get out of here for a while.”

by Dixie Pixel

Classic Beauty

From the bride’s pearl bracelet to the her elbow-length veil blowing in the wind, this photo represents all the timeless bridal fashion that I love. The barn wood in the background is the perfect contrast for this classic beauty.

photo by Jayson Mullen Design and Photography

Simply Stylish

I don’t know where to begin with this photo! I love every stylish detail – the clouds, the lighting, the bride’s dress, the romantic pose, and the retro car. It all has me swooning!

photo by Leah Bullard Photography at The Reserve at Bluebird Hill

Colorful Silhouette

The creative use of color and shadow in this photo instantly caught my attention! I love the silhouette of the couple!

by David Payne Photography

Stand by Me

This engagement photo is not only one of the most romantic poses that came through my inbox, but it also reminds me of the dedication and perseverance that marriage requires of a couple. The couple’s close embrace is the perfect pose for two people that are about to say “I do.”

photo by Elisabeth Kate Studios

Which photo is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to vote on Facebook!

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