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Monday, December 9, 2013

Bride Link’s Best Wedding Photos of 2013 Contest!

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Best Wedding Photos of 2013!

The Bride Link is so excited to launch its “Best of 2013 Photo Contest!” We have three categories on which we will be voting, and can’t wait to see your submissions!   

Contest Categories

1. Best Photo of the Year : For this contest, we will be looking for creative use of lighting, props, and poses, but most of all, a photo that tells a story and creates emotion. Please include a description with each photo you submit. You may submit up to three photos for this contest.

2. Most Unforgettable Moment of the Year: For this contest, we are looking for a photo that instantly tells a story and creates an emotion. This may be a first look between a bride and groom, a hilarious moment at a reception, or any unforgettable moment related to love and weddings. You may submit up to three photos for this contest. Again, please include a description.

3. Best Style Shoot of the Year: The Bride Link has participated with several style shoots in 2013, and we know how much time and energy goes into each one. This is our way of recognizing all your hard work! We are looking for style shoots that capture the trends of 2013 and showcase creativity, detail, and unique ideas. Please submit a link where your full style shoot may be viewed (Drop Box, your own blog, or another blog.) If your style shoot has been published on an exclusive blog, The Bride Link will respectfully feature only a collage of images from the style shoot. We will also include a link back to the blog on which is was originally published. You may submit up to three style shoots for review. Please include a description of the shoot and a list of participating vendors.

How to Submit

This contest is open to all photographers. Please send your photos to haley@thebridelink.com by December 23rd. Voting will begin January 6th. Again, you may submit up to three photos for each contest listed above. Ten finalists will be selected for each contest, and we will allow our Facebook followers to vote on the winner. The final winners will receive a featured article on our blog! If you are a finalist, you will be notified through email.

Thank you in advance for participating, and we can’t wait to see your submissions!

At Your Service,

Haley Dotson

Owner at The Bride Link

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