Monday, August 26, 2013

Pink Summer Garden Wedding

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Hot Pink Summer Wedding by Tina Joiner Photography

This wedding was filled with lots of color, fun, and goofing around, mixed with so much sweet romance! The bride went all out with her gorgeous cinderella gown and long curls mixed with hot pink florals and matching pink bridesmaid dresses. The groomsmen shamelessly complemented the pink color palette with pastel green ties and pink rose boutonnieres.

This wedding party knew how to have fun! The groomsmen posed for a funny photo imitating giggly girls, and all formalities were thrown out the window for one super cute and fun bridal photo after the ceremony. Although there was lots of fun and goofing around,  Jim and Fina’s romantic side shined through beautifully with a few stunning couple photos in the garden. Tina Joiner Photography posed them so perfectly after the ceremony for some unforgettable couple shots. Tina’s photos seriously made me want to join in on this party!!

Enjoy these creative photos and remember to always save room for a few fun moments in front of the camera!

Participating Vendors:

Reception Venue:  Hudson Gardens

By Katie Bomar

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