Whimsical Outdoor Wedding

The proposal was at the Hermitage Museum, in Norfolk during a picnic lunch. David planned a picnic during one of the later days in December. As he began to unpack the lunch, Jessica noticed it was more of a special lunch not like their usual lunches. After it wasall set up, he pulled a box out of his pocket and after he asked Jessica to marry him she said YES! They celebrated with a bottle of champagne that was hidden behind the basket - talk about romantic! 

Jessica and David chose to have an outdoor wedding at the Norfolk botanical garden called Butterfly Garden with a bright floral theme for their wedding. Jessica and her mother created invitaions that matched her floral theme by incorporating a variety of floral backgrounds. It was important for the couple to showcase the natural beauty and landscapes around them so they kept other decor minimal. 

Jessica has love for lace that inspired her to chose a dress made of mostly lace and David complimented her dress with...


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