How To Start Your Wedding Registry


How To Start Your Wedding Registry

Congratulations, you're engaged! The moment you announce your engagement to family and friends comes one common question: Where are you registered? Don't freak out! Starting your wedding registry is as easy as online shopping. Learn how and where to begin receiving wedding gifts from your loved ones, popular wedding registry sites, and other wedding registry ideas. Be sure to register at different stores and create an online wedding registry that offers unique wedding registry items.

Use these simple instructions to register for weddings at Walmart or Amazon, both online and in-store. Find out what you should register for and how to identify those items. Now you can start your wedding registry with ease! But first, don't forget to grab your FREE copy of our Ceremony Placement Cheat Sheet to help your planning process!

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Make a list. It will make building your registry experience a whole lot easier. If you don't...


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