What Goes In Wedding Invitations?


What Goes In Wedding Invitations?

Today on The Bride Link we're talking all about what goes in your wedding invitations! Use this video as a wedding invitation guide and include everything you want or don't want! There are what is considered formal invitations that include multiple textured pieces of paper with intricate lettering and lattice accents...that won't be cheap. If you're simply looking for a wedding invitation FAQ, you've found it! Starting your wedding invitations seems easy at first, but if you've hit a jam, we are here to help!  You can also check out our FREE Ceremony Cheat Sheet! It will help you plan your ceremony using expert wedding planning advice!

 So if you're just getting started with wedding planning, this might be a point of confusion for you. Of course, you know that you need to include the date and time of the ceremony, but what else needs to go in there? 

Let's talk about the invitation itself first. This is usually going to be the largest...


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