COVID-19 Action Plan for Weddings and Events

COVID-19 Action Plan for Weddings and Events

We have gathered some suggestions to help you navigate the pandemic situation and created a COVID-19 Action Plan for Weddings and Events we wanted to share with you. Our advice is only advice, so please consult a lawyer on legal questions.

  • Event insurance is not currently available, but consider getting event insurance in the future if your date is far enough into the future.
  • Contact vendors you work with to make sure you are on the same page about how to handle cancelations and especially postponements.
  • Review your contract to see if you are entitled to a partial refund or a full refund if you cancel. If you postpone, see what restrictions or penalties you have listed in the original contract.
  • Start with your venue and then contact your wedding pros that will be the hardest to rebook (for example, a caterer may do 5 events in a day but a venue only does 1).
  • Limit in-person meetings and switch to phone meetings only if possible.

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