How to Choose a Color Pattern for Your Wedding

Let’s talk about color palettes! With the 2020 color of the year, classic blue announced, you may be considering which colors best fit your wedding aesthetic. Choosing a specific selection of colors for your wedding will act as a guide as you plan the design for your special day. If you set your color palette early in the wedding planning process, you can easily make more design decisions later on. Wedding colors set the style tone for the day and create a cohesive look. There is a wide variety of options to choose from; however, selecting the right colors for your wedding does not have to be overwhelming!

Here are our top three tips for choosing a color palette for your wedding:

1. Stay Inspired

Creating a design board or following current trends, such as the color of the year, are great options for bringing together your wedding color palette. You may also find inspiration from the time of year or even your wedding venue. If your wedding venue is mainly outdoors...


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