What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do?


What Does A Day Of Wedding Coordinator Do?

Today we're talking all about what a day of coordinator does at your wedding! But first, grab a free copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet! Packed full of useful tips to help keep your planning!

First and foremost, they're going to be a big part of relieving your stress in general. A day of wedding coordinator is responsible for executing all the small details required during your event.  They're going to be your point person all day for everything and anything! This way, you don't have to work your event and neither do your friends or family! In the simplest and most basic form, a day of coordinator serves as your problem solver for the day. Every wedding has an unexpected issue or seven! Having a point person in place to transitions these problems from potential delays to no biggies will make or break your event. A professional wedding coordinator is an expert at this!

Additional duties can include creating...


Wedding Stress Solutions


Your Wedding Stress Solutions

The stress of wedding planning is no joke! We're covering easy ways how to deal with wedding stress and ways to manage it. Join us this week and learn what you can do to delegate tasks, stay motivated, and invest your time where it counts. You can also download our free FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit to make sure you have everything you need for the big day.

  1. Don't Forget To Exercise: Working out before your wedding can be one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. Something as simple as an easy stretching routine or just walking up a mild incline using a treadmill. Great your bridesmaids involved and take an in-home yoga class. Regardless of what you decide, keep it light and not too intensive.
  2. Remember To Relax Your Muscles: The body's reaction to stress is simple; your muscles begin to tense up. Try to keep an eye out for this! Most of us carry our stress in specific regions of our bodies like shoulders, neck, and back. These quick trigger...

Five Trends We’re Seeing in the Wedding Industry

Five Trends We’re Seeing in the Wedding Industry

When planning your dream wedding, there are endless ideas and options for every detail. As members of the wedding industry, we love experiencing the many different trends that help create the perfect wedding day experience. From new, unique styling ideas to fun twists on traditional options, we have compiled a list of trends we’re seeing in the wedding industry. These trends will help give life to the wedding you’ve always envisioned!

The Modern Bohemian Wedding

We’re rolling away the whiskey barrels and shutting the barn doors! This modern bohemian wedding is a stunning trend for the couple that loves the outdoors and prefers simple styling. Unique details such as pampas grass and succulents, an earth tone color palette, and clean, geometric lines create the ambiance for this wedding trend. The modern bohemian wedding also emphasizes venues with breathtaking views. You and your guests will be delighted on your...


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