How to arrange your wedding processional!


How to Arrange Your Wedding Processional

You’ve planned everything for your big day and maybe just forgot one little detail. How will you and your wedding party walk down the aisle?! What is your wedding ceremony order?! Don’t you worry, another second! Today, this video focuses on the traditional way to order your wedding processional, and then we’re going to tell you how to personalize it! But first, grab a free copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet to help you finalize your plan!

Processionals are all about preplanning, practice, and timing. Keep these in mind when customizing what order to walk down the aisle. Keep in mind there is not an official way order for how to plan your wedding ceremony entry and exit; do what feels right to you! Sexes don’t matter, but there should be a lead side of the family. Be consistent with this across groups.

First, decide to include grandparents into your processional.

If you have elected to include your grandparents, start...


Commonly Forgotten Items for Your Wedding


The Most Commonly Forgotten Items for Weddings

Welcome to the Bride Link podcast, your home for expert wedding planning advice! Today we're talking about commonly forgotten items for your wedding! This helpful list highlights what you may forget to pack for your wedding day. Take a few minutes to check it over the night before! Our wedding packing tips include items that are easy to overlook but essential! The best thing that can help you while you're planning and packing all of your items is our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List. Grab your FREE copy and have all your bases covered in case of a wedding day emergency!

So as you're packing all of your belongings to take to your wedding venue, double-check this list and just make sure you haven't forgotten anything. First, we can talk about printed items! You're going to want to be able to have your photographer take a picture of your save-the-dates. invitation, and the rest of your stationery. Stationery will include your...


Five Trends We’re Seeing in the Wedding Industry

Five Trends We’re Seeing in the Wedding Industry

When planning your dream wedding, there are endless ideas and options for every detail. As members of the wedding industry, we love experiencing the many different trends that help create the perfect wedding day experience. From new, unique styling ideas to fun twists on traditional options, we have compiled a list of trends we’re seeing in the wedding industry. These trends will help give life to the wedding you’ve always envisioned!

The Modern Bohemian Wedding

We’re rolling away the whiskey barrels and shutting the barn doors! This modern bohemian wedding is a stunning trend for the couple that loves the outdoors and prefers simple styling. Unique details such as pampas grass and succulents, an earth tone color palette, and clean, geometric lines create the ambiance for this wedding trend. The modern bohemian wedding also emphasizes venues with breathtaking views. You and your guests will be delighted on your...


Wedding Clean Up Tips


 Wedding Clean Up Tips

Today, on The Bride Link, we're talking all about wedding clean up. With all great events comes the inevitable clean up! There are few things more consistent in life! Cleaning up after your wedding can take much longer than most couples expect. Venues usually require the removal of all items either that night or the next day. Wedding day clean up is essential as the venue may have another wedding scheduled right after yours. If that's the case, cleaning up right after your wedding may be the only option. The venue's concern is the next paying client after your wedding has been completed. You risk losing some or all of your deposit if clean up isn't completed to the specifications of the venue. If you've left anything sentimental behind or items you hope to keep, make sure you have plans for clean-up long before your wedding gets started! Grab your FREE copy of your Clean Up Fact Sheet to help get you ready!

Know the venue rules and expectations.

Read your...


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