A Guide For Tipping Your Wedding Vendors


A Guide to Tipping Your Wedding Vendors

Tipping wedding vendors is a way to show appreciation for their role in helping to bring your special day to life! However, many couples get confused about who to tip at their wedding and how much. Use our wedding tipping guide to help you determine who and the amount of wedding gratuity to consider. Considering who you should tip or how much to tip each vendor can be a challenging feat. Here at The Bride Link, we have compiled a wedding tipping guide that identifies each wedding vendor to simplify the process. For more help, grab your FREE copy of our Emergency Wedding Day Kit!

 Photographer and Videographer

$60-$200 is the typical amount for tipping your photographer or videographer. Keep in mind the work these vendors put in behind the scenes when editing your photos and wedding video after your wedding day. Since these vendors may not stay for the entire event depending on your booked amount of time with them, tipping your...


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