Ghostly-Inspired Bridal Fashion Styled Shoot

It’s October and we are here for all the spooky ghost stories!  Who knew we have one of the oldest surviving opera houses in the United States right here in Tennessee with a myriad of reported hauntings? Antoinette Hall located in Pulaki, Tennessee may be one of the most haunted places in the state.  Reports show that groups and individuals have experienced cold spots, disembodied voices, shadow figures, equipment interaction, EVPs, footsteps, batteries being drained, people have been made physically sick to the point of vomiting, people have been scratched, black mist, a piano playing on its own, smells of flowers, the feeling of your energy being drained, feelings of being watched and being touched by unseen hands. Tess Mann, owner of Couture by Tess Bridal boutique in Cookeville, Tennessee, recently partnered with Tammy Pierchoski, Executive Director of STAAR Theatre at Antoinette Hall in a campaign to raise awareness about the restoration of the historical...


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