Wedding Processional Order Non-Traditional


How to Arrange Your Ceremony Processional

(For non-traditional families, step-parents, same-sex weddings, etc.)

Your wedding processional order can be anything you want! There are several non-traditional options you can choose from! Get answers to your wedding processional questions with The Bride Link! Our podcast today focuses on the correct wedding order processional and some of the best ways to order your wedding party. We cover it all! Get your wedding processional tips straight from the pros! You can also score your FREE Wedding Day Emergency Kit List, a great guide to building and prepping what you need in case of an emergency!


Traditional ceremony processional:

This processional is the most traditional way to get your family members and bridal party down the aisle on your big day.

  • Officiant: Officiants are typically the first to come down the aisle or to stand up at the altar. This signals that the processional or ceremony is about to begin.
  • Grandparents of the...

Wedding Processional Order Made Simple


Wedding Processional Order Made Simple

Today we're giving you tons of tips on planning your wedding ceremony processional! The order for your wedding processional can be set anyway you want; there is no official wedding party order! Feel free to do what feels right for you. If you're looking for a simple wedding processional, check out these valuable tips! 

To help figure out where everybody's going to stand when you're up at the altar getting married and how to seat your parents or grandparents in the front row, grab a FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet!


1. Make sure that you leave plenty of room between people walking down the aisle. 

Nothing is more critical when planning the order for your wedding processional! Start by considering the width you need. Make sure that there's plenty of space for people to walk down the aisle without banging their elbows against walls or guests. There must be enough space to do this comfortably! The last thing you want is...


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