Why You Should Prep for Your Wedding Day Photography


Why You Should Prep for Your Wedding Day Photography

A common mistake many brides make is not creating a wedding picture list. Not sure what that exactly is? The Bride Link and Ben Moser from Knox Wedding Creative are here to help! Your picture list is simply a list of shots you want your photographer to capture on your wedding day. A picture list includes specific poses you want, beautiful backdrops at the venue, time of day (golden hour), bridal party groups, etc. It's so important to discuss these ideas with your photographer during the planning stages.

Great photographers like Knox Wedding Creative know to ask their couples precisely this beforehand. Ben joins us this week on The Bride Link podcast to share his valuable insight! This award-winning designer art studio handcrafts gorgeous images and videos. Voted not only the Best Photographer in East Tennessee but also the best Wedding Photographer in Knoxville! Their 2020 Special Selection packages...


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