Honour Lee: Wedding and Event Photography

Honour Lee Photography wants to capture those “once in a lifetime" shots.


“Our goal is to preserve these important moments,” says Honour, “We want our couples to relive them every time they see it. Our passion is in every facet of what we do! It’s why all weddings we photograph, the brides receive a locket with their favorite wedding photo inside. They also receive a custom made flash drive with their wedding date engraved on it. We also donate a portion of our profit to the couple's charity of choice.  If they do not have a charity then I donate to the Diamond Blackfan Anemia Foundation. My grandson was born with this disorder, so it is dear to my heart in finding a cure.” 


The Bride Link is proud to feature Honour Lee Photography, this team has been capturing once in a lifetime moments since 2010! “We serve all couples with open arms. and love working with both local clients or those choosing to come to the...


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