Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Set Up Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit - Set Up Kit

Today on The Bride Link, you can find out exactly what you need to pack in your wedding day emergency kit! For a quick cheat sheet, get your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List! 

To be as prepared as you can be for your wedding day, it's best to create two different types of kits. Today, we're addressing your Set-Up Kit, which lists everything that your set-up person should have while decorating for a wedding. Also called your decor kit, it helps solve easy problems as soon as they pop up. If you've opted to have a friend or family member do your wedding decor, they'll have access to common items and won't need to bother you, the guest of honor, while you're getting ready on such an important day. We discussed building your Personal Kit on a separate blog, which focuses on what you need on hand while getting ready. It's full of items like bobby pins, hairspray, deodorant, and that's for you as the...


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