French Braid Twist

French Braid Twist 



Tips Before Beginning

1. It is important to realize before starting this hairstyle, that it is named for the way it looks, not the way it is created. Deanna from MOPS shows that by crisscrossing and twisting pieces of hair and pinning them with bobby pins, you can create a twisted, french-braid look without actually braiding the hair.

2. This hairstyle relies heavily on using the correct size and type of bobby pins. Have the sizes and types of bobby pins seen in the below photo on hand before starting this hairstyle.

Step 1

It is always easiest to create a wedding hairstyle after first fully curling the hair.

Step 2

Gently run your fingers through the curls to loosen them. Next, create a halo section of hair in the back, twist it, and pin it with a bobby pin. This twist is going to be the center point for the rest of the hairstyle.

Step 3

Collect hair from each...


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