Planning Your Wedding During Football Season


Planning Your Wedding Around Football Season

Are you dreaming of an incredible fall wedding? We love them, too! Keep in mind, any wedding during the fall will also have to contend with football season. If you're planning your wedding during football season, use these tips to help guide you! Get more expert wedding planning advice from The Bride Link! Download your FREE copy of our Layout & Linen Cheat Sheet!

If your wedding falls on game day, expect some die-hard football to send their regrets. Depending on who is playing, you may have more people missing from your guest list. 

You can also expect the hotels to be at total capacity during a home game. If you live in a football town, there is a lot more happening than just your wedding, so expect to have a more challenging time finding a hotel to block rooms for your event, especially if your venue is close to where the game is taking place. Traffic may also be an issue, primarily if your wedding venue is near the...


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