Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas


Five Ideas for a Unique Wedding Send Off Ideas (That Don't Include Sparklers!)

You have planned everything for your wedding so far, except for your wedding exit! So let's find a wedding send off just as unique as you!

Sparklers may be the classic choice; however, some venues do not allow sparklers due to various rules set in place or with fire codes. We've gathered some ideas for a wedding exit sparkler alternative. If you want to stand out from the crowd, these unique send-off ideas will be sure to wow you and your guests. There are various send-off options beyond sparklers that still create a beautiful and enjoyable moment that will last a lifetime. For more planning help, grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Floral Cheat Sheet!

1. Bubbles

Entertainment for the kids and the adults! A bubble send off is an enjoyable exit to your wedding and a low cost alternative. A bubble send off option requires no clean up and is something guests can enjoy as their favor even after the wedding is...


Eco Friendly Wedding Grand Exit Options


Three Eco-Friendly Wedding Exit Ideas

An eco-friendly wedding exit is a great way to end your wedding day! If you and your loved one are planning a sustainable wedding with options such as reusable cups and dinnerware to linen napkins, your wedding exit can be eco-friendly as well! Using flower petals for your wedding exit or utilizing a birdseed wedding send-off has little impact on the environment and offers a great alternative to traditional wedding send-offs. 

Green wedding exit ideas are unique options couples can choose instead of classic choices like confetti or sparklers. Your selected venue may also have restrictions set in place to limit clean-up and protect the property. Many venues now prohibit the use of traditional or detrimental wedding exit options like rice or Chinese lanterns. Using rice for a wedding exit is harmful to birds! When they eat uncooked rice, it can expand in their stomach and eventually kill the bird. Popular options like Chinese lanterns...


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