5-Minute Wedding Day Emergency Kit


Wedding Day Emergency Kit List


Today on The Bride Link, we are giving you everything you need for your Five Minute Wedding Day Emergency Kit! So what does that mean? A five-minute emergency kit? If you've completely forgotten to get your emergency kit together before your wedding day, don't worry! If you only have five minutes to throw everything together, here are a few suggestions for some must-haves that you need to include! 

1. All Required Medication

Sometimes we're so caught up in something that might happen. We forget about the things that we consistently do. If you're on any prescription medication or anybody in your wedding party, your fiance, close parents, or friends, make sure that they're going to be bringing it with them. It's especially crucial if it's a life-saving medication like an EpiPen. Don't forget to throw in some extra meds in there because a raging headache on your wedding day can occur. Things like Tylenol, eye drops, allergy relief pills,...


Wedding Day Emergency Kit: Everything A Bride Needs



Today on The Bride Link, we are talking all about what the bride needs in her emergency kit so she can be prepared for her wedding. You should literally be ready for anything, especially in an emergency! That's what we suggest that you should create a wedding day emergency kit and have it with you all day long. Grab your free copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist to help get you started!

Now, in all honesty, it's best to create two different types of kits, so this blog will focus on your personal kit and everything that you should have on you as the bride or groom. It’s best to have any needed items within your reach. Then we’ll have another blog that outlines your setup kit or decorating kit. So the person that is going to be doing all of our decor and all of your setup as well as managing all of your vendors needs to have that kit on them. One reason why we have to separate kits is that we want you to make...


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