Wedding Clean Up Tips


 Wedding Clean Up Tips

Today, on The Bride Link, we're talking all about wedding clean up. With all great events comes the inevitable clean up! There are few things more consistent in life! Cleaning up after your wedding can take much longer than most couples expect. Venues usually require the removal of all items either that night or the next day. Wedding day clean up is essential as the venue may have another wedding scheduled right after yours. If that's the case, cleaning up right after your wedding may be the only option. The venue's concern is the next paying client after your wedding has been completed. You risk losing some or all of your deposit if clean up isn't completed to the specifications of the venue. If you've left anything sentimental behind or items you hope to keep, make sure you have plans for clean-up long before your wedding gets started! Grab your FREE copy of your Clean Up Fact Sheet to help get you ready!

Know the venue rules and expectations.

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