Wedding Catering Service: Must Ask Questions


Wedding Catering Service:

Must-Ask Questions

Today we're discussing details you need to consider when planning a wedding catering service! With us is Destinee from Rothchild Catering! We'll review the essential wedding catering questions you should ask and other "must ask questions" when selecting a caterer for your wedding!

When considering your wedding catering cost, there are so many small details and answers needed before you can reach a total amount per guest. Destinee walks us through what's involved in serving guests at your wedding successfully. Delicious wedding catering food isn't easy to pull off, so we recommend hiring a pro like Rothchild Catering to feed your guests safely and with expert service! Check out our Clean-Up Fact Sheet, filled with valuable tips to ensure you get 100% of your venue deposit returned! 


Lindsay: Hi Destinee, thanks for joining us today!


Destinee: Thank you for having me here! I'm so excited to be talking...


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