Wedding Catering in Knoxville TN: Rothchild Catering

The Bride Link is excited to feature Rothchild Catering: Wedding Catering in Knoxville TN!


Every member of The Bride Link takes enormous pride in being part of so many special events, and Rothchild Catering is no different. When we asked what got them started in the wedding industry, they were quick to answer. “Food brings people together. That’s why a delicious meal has been a long-standing tradition at wedding receptions. We fit naturally into the industry because we enjoy creating delicious meals for clients to share with family and friends." 


Destinee didn’t stop there! She let us know what Rothchild Catering does that other wedding vendors don't. “Our staff feels strongly about educating clients to help them make the best decisions for their wedding. Most clients have never planned a wedding before, so we take the time to help them understand the different elements involved with catering and make sure they feel confident in their...


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