Knoxville Wedding Calligraphy: The TriStar Scribe

The TriStar Scribe is a Knoxville Calligrapher who offers custom calligraphy for traditional paper & ink products and signage!


Devon Adrianne Photography

Brittany Ivey, owner, and calligrapher, of the TriStar Scribe, specializes in creating handwritten touches that just cannot be replicated with print. “I do nothing digital,” she says, “My calligraphy is a traditional art with a modern aesthetic. I genuinely want my couples to share beauty through one of the most tangible aspects of their wedding. I decided to pursue calligraphy after doing my own envelopes and signage for my wedding! Once I learned to appreciate the different strokes and supplies involved, I fell in love.”

Her calligraphy is entirely hand-created! When a couple works with her, she ensures that their vision is brought to life in its entirety. For Brittany, this is technically a side hustle but it never feels that way. She likes to joke with brides that while calligraphy may not pay the...


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