Romantic Botanical Garden Wedding

Hi everyone! Today, we are introducing Imani and Aj’s romantic wedding! These 'Elementary Hopefuls" finally tied the knot after a few years of planning their romantic botanical garden wedding which was held in the Renaissance Garden, surrounding them were their friends and family. These two have known each other nearly all their lives. AJ was friends with his bride's brothers. It was not until after getting home from a deployment that he saw Imani like he had never seen her before. With AJ's sisters' blessing, Imani asked him out on a date. Inseparable is not how we can describe this couple, because since that day, they have lived and explored all over the world. Since he asked her to marry him in Paris, France, they got married in a garden that reminded them of that special spot.Imani and AJ both wanted to have a wedding outside while also pulling in some of the beauty from the trip where they got engaged. Renaissance Garden at the Norfolk botanical garden was the perfect...


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