How to Decide on the Right Decorations for Your Wedding

How to Decide on the Right Decorations for Your Wedding

How big should the centerpieces be? What accent colors do we use for the banners and signs? Are my vintage decorations worth the additional cost? These questions and a million more like it run through the head of couples trying to plan their perfect wedding. Most brides begin visiting venues with no idea what decor they plan on using or where to start. Take a few minutes to stop and think about decor before you start touring potential locations! Having a few basic concepts already decided can help narrow down your choices. So, where do you start? 

1. Make a Budget

What do numbers and math have to do with your southern vintage-inspired dream wedding? More than you think! Setting clear boundaries on what you can afford (for the whole wedding) is the best place to start. Once you have a figure set, decide what percentage you want to set aside for decor. You're not determining how much to spend, you're just...


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