How To Make Your Wedding Menu Unique


Creating A Unique Wedding Menu!

When it’s time to figure out wedding catering, everyone’s goal is to do something unique, authentic, and unexpected. Great-tasting wedding foods give guests an incredible boost to their experience of your wedding. We recommend offering unique food options to help the experience stand out more clearly in their minds! Join us as we discuss how to make your wedding menu stand out from others! Use these simple tips to narrow your choices and create incredible wedding food options for your guests! Start taking notes and sharing ideas with your bridal party to get feedback! Don't forget to grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List! Be ready for anything that might come your way!

First, consider your serving style! Whether it is going to be a buffet, plated, station, or family-style serving, deciding this first is a great place to start. A buffet is a single long line of tables where all the food is placed and your...


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