How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Goes Smoothly


How to Make Sure Your Wedding Day Goes Smoothly

Today on the Bride Link, we're talking all about how to make your wedding day go smoothly! But first, grab your free copy of our Emergency Wedding Day Kit List! Packed full of everything you'll need in case of a wedding day emergency!

Here are a few days of wedding tips you need to ensure your wedding day bliss! You can find a ton of advice for weddings online, from family and friends, and past brides. However, most couples don't plan in advance for potential wedding problems which mean no plans when they present themselves. It's ok to ask for help with wedding planning, which is why we always recommend hiring a day-of wedding coordinator to help with transitioning wedding hiccups into wedding success.

First, create a task list which is also going to include sub-tasks, so you want to think about every single thing that needs to be done the day of your wedding from start to finish. In those subtasks, you want to clearly define every...


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