How To Start Your Wedding Day Timeline


How To Start A Wedding Day Timeline

How to create a wedding day timeline! But first, grab your free copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet for useful tips to help keep your planning. A timeline for a wedding is crucial and nailing that timeline is ever more important! Couples who take the time to create one help ensure they get everything they want out of their wedding day. Any event or celebration will benefit from adequate planning! Most professional wedding planners rely on them to deliver on everything they've promised their clients. We always recommend hiring a wedding professional if it's within the budget. If not, then join us on our podcast this week where we share our wedding timeline tips! We've got five tips to make creating your wedding day timeline a breeze!

  1. Highlights

List every single highlight you would like to achieve, from the cake cutting to the ceremony itself. You want to start with a complete list of highlights to make sure that everything that you want to...


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