Knoxville Wedding Venue: The Barn at Meadow Farms

The Barn at Meadow Farms is an amazing Knoxville wedding venue that features a rustic built barn designed with weddings in mind!


This truly unique venue offers amazing amenities yet still accommodates most budgets. In fact, it’s exactly how The Barn at Meadow Farms came to be. Taya Cable, who serves as Venue Manager for the farm, began a search for a venue for her own wedding with great optimism. She quickly realized that there were not many choices available for what she wanted. “With no luck in finding something I loved, I talked my grandparents into building The Barn at Meadow Farms! I've managed it for them ever since. We've had the pleasure of meeting with so many unique and creative couples.”


They opened their doors and beautiful green fields in April of 2015 and have loved hosting events ever since. Taya admits weddings are her favorite, “I absolutely enjoy every single part of the process but thoroughly love...


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