Boho Southern Charm Tennessee Wedding

Happy Monday, everyone! We hope you had a wonderful weekend and are ready to read about Emily and Jake’s wedding story. The couple's wedding was an intimate, boho affair with a touch of rustic southern charm. Everything about this wedding was filled with personal touches and absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for some boho wedding inspo then keep on reading!

Jake & Emily met through their best friend (the maid of honor) who just so happened to be dating his younger brother (the best man). However, Emily did not believe that she was in a place in life where she wanted to be in a serious relationship, but one day her maid of honor convinced her to go on a blind date with Jake, and she said “ kid you not, it was literally love at first sight when I did.” Emily immediately knew that Jake was the one for her, and was already thinking about their future. Emily says, the moral of the story: Listen to your besties, and open your mind to all possibilities. I...


Southern Classic Backyard Wedding

Jordan and Dallas’s southern classic backyard wedding is a story to tell. The two had a small intimate wedding in Gallatin, Tennessee at Dallas’s aunt’s lake house in her backyard. The color palette they used was rust, navy, gold, whites, and greenery. It was a more classic outdoor wedding with beautiful and unique flowers and touches of their style and personal life throughout. If you are looking to plan a backyard wedding then keep on reading because Jordan and Dallas definitely took having a backyard wedding to the next level and they even included their pups! Who doesn’t love seeing dogs at a wedding? Everything about their wedding was absolutely perfect and filled with so much elegance. 

The two had their wedding ceremony in the backyard under the trees with a beautiful view of the lake, which made for perfect pictures! The couple had a welcome table that included fans in case it was too hot and also had a guest book wooden sign with their last...


Wedding Checklist

n 2012 I saw a huge change in the timeframe of traditional wedding planning. Most brides are now planning their Big Day in just 9 months, are they crazy? Absolutely not!

Planning a wedding in 9-months can seem like a lot to take on, but it can be done with one simple tool: a 9-month checklist and timeline.

Below, is my go-to checklist and timeline I came up with after endless hours of research for the “perfect” checklist and timeline. I have yet to find the perfect checklist, but the list below is a combination of all my favorite checklist. I also consider is my quick reference and is by no means completely, complete!


Nine Months Before

Officially announce your engagement. Your own personal wedding site is a great way to share the plans as they develop. This is perfect for out of town family and friends!

Start a wedding folder. Think of this as your quick go to reference for all things wedding. This is where you will not only keep inspiration photos...


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