Lakeside Tennessee Wedding

Zachary and Gabby met each other while in middle school. She describes him as the typical shaggy-haired football player that all of the girls were into. Gabby was the middle school cheerleader who always claimed to not have a crush on Zach. One year later Zachary asked Gabby to be his girlfriend and she was thrilled, her parents were not as thrilled. Who knew such a beautiful relationship could come from a silly middle school crush.

Their proposal story begins with a family cruise. As to be expected on any family vacation there were going to be lots and lots of family photos taken. Zachary’s mom and Gabby had planned a family photoshoot on the beach before they hopped on the cruise ship to start their vacation. While taking pictures Gabby notices that most of the family begins to migrate behind the photographer, at this point, she didn’t think anything of it yet. Then Zachary takes her hand and starts walking her towards the camera. They walked up to a metal rose that...


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