Wedding Layout Advice


Wedding Layout Advice

Wedding layout tips today with The Bride Link! Your wedding floor plan should include both your reception layout and ceremony layout. Knowing your wedding venue and how much space you have to work is critical. Be sure to consider scale when using wedding layout templates! If not completed to scale, you'll have issues from the start! It's essential you know everything will fit in the actual space displayed on your hand-drawn or computer wedding layout. Grab a FREE copy of our Ceremony Cheat Sheet, packed full of helpful tips and advice!

Let's review our wedding layout tips!

Know your venue: Before you can do the layout, you need to know where you're holding your wedding. This way, you know the dimensions and any adjustments that would need to happen. Make a to-scale bird's eye view map. Include all tables, chairs, and vendor setups in your floorplan and make everything to scale so you know it will fit!

Dance Floor: Plance the dance floor at center stage or...


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