Tips For Planning A Honeymoon


Planning Tips For Your Honeymoon

Today we're talking all about tips for planning a honeymoon! It's commonly forgotten that one of the most fun things while planning a wedding is what happens when it's all over. The excitement of planning a honeymoon vacation that you take with your new spouse should be part of your wedding experience. Honeymoon planning can be a bit overwhelming! So, where do you start? We have a few tips for you to help you plan, so your honeymoon goes off without a hitch. Pun intended! For more expert wedding planning help, grab your FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit Checklist!

First, start honeymoon planning early so you can get the best prices! You would want to book your honeymoon eight months prior if at all possible. This way, you have time to shop around and price check.

Next, work together. Honeymoon planning should be a decision that you and your spouse make together. Pick a place that both of you would like or a location that means something to...


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