Gatlinburg Wedding DJ: Smokey Mountain Sounds

Smokey Mountain Sounds is an outstanding wedding DJ in Gatlinburg TN!


“Smokey Mountain Sounds has been in operation for approximately nine years but our team has a combined 35 years of industry knowledge!” says owners, Ron and Ellen. “When I was young, I went to a wedding with my mom and realized that DJs seem to be having a great time and I remember thinking, what a cool way to make money.” Ron continued, “I’ve learned so much since then, this is also a serious business, and the only limitation you have is the one you put on yourself. Not every bride is the same and should not be treated as if they are. Also, you have to really understand your market, and continually work to improve yourself. When it comes to our couples, we will listen to them. Most brides or couples rely on a DJ's experience and knowledge of weddings, however, the more that we listen to them the more we understand if we are the right fit. Can we offer them what they are...


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