Five Simple Ways To Add A Personal Touch to Your Wedding Favors

Weddings are truly a memorable affair not just for the wedded couple but also for everyone who attends. Taking your vows in front of your guests, who are likely your family and close friends, makes the celebration more special.

Express your gratitude through your wedding favors. While you can always stick to traditional and generic ones, it’s always more sincere if they’re personalized.


Add a personal touch to your thank-you gifts, and your guests will surely keep them even when the wedding festivities are over.

Don’t know how to do it? Be inspired by these five unique ideas.

  1. Succulents That Lead the Way

Succulents make a cute desk and home decor, they are therefore the perfect wedding favors. They’re small, easy to carry, and low-maintenance. Guests will never miss them in the venue and forget to take them home (unless they’re too tipsy from all that wine).

Personalize your succulents by engraving your and your partner’s initials...


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