How to Pick the Perfect Venue

When planning a wedding, there are so many choices that it can be overwhelming! Will you wear a suit or tux? How many bridesmaids should I have? While all of those choices are optional, there is one that is vital to your wedding: your venue! But picking out the perfect location to say “I Do” can be a daunting task! Luckily, we have come up with some tips to help you find your perfect wedding venue.

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You don’t want a rustic barn, when you dream of a glam wedding. Likewise, you don’t want a ballroom when you dream of farmhouse chic. If you are dreaming of a modern wedding, then an art gallery or a rooftop wedding might be more your speed. Likewise, if you are thinking open fields with a more natural setting, then you might want to consider an open space, such as a barn, forest, or gardens.

knoxville wedding venues
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Many venues will have rules about what you can and cannot do for your...


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