Adventurous Lake Engagement Shoot

Cara-Lee and Scott met at a 90’s themed birthday party for a mutual friend. Despite the fact that Cara-Lee had paid Scott almost no attention all night, he finally asked her to slow dance. After they shared that dance Cara-Lee left the party without sharing her information with Scott. Knowing that he couldn’t let her get away he tracked her down on social media and asked her on their first date.

Since their first date they have been inseparable! Cara-Lee and Scott got engaged at her sister’s wedding during the bouquet toss. Instead of tossing the bouquet she turned around and handed it to Cara-Lee as she said “It’s your turn”. As the music changed she noticed Scott making his way through the crowd once he got to her hedroppeddown on one kneeand proposed!Cara-Lee was so happy to be able to say “Yes!!” in front of her family and friends.Much thought was put into Cara-Lee’s engagement ring, it was custom made by her uncleto add a...


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