How to Make Moss Covered Letters


DIY Moss Covered Letters

This is by far, one of my all time favorite DIY projects that Alexa and I have created! The bright green moss on these cardboard letters stand out beautifully among any color theme. I also love that you can make them say whatever you want! You could cover the letters of your new initials or do as we have done below and spell out a cute saying like “I love you.” This would be an adorable decoration for a guest sign in table or a centerpiece for the reception. You can even use them to decorate your home! Enjoy this fun DIY video hosted by the fun and fabulous Alexa of Events with Alexa! 

How to make DIY Moss Letters for your wedding

How to make DIY Moss Letters for your wedding


Items You Will Need

  1. Cardboard Letters
  2. Moss (Spanish or Reindeer Moss.)
  3. Hot Glue Gun and Extra Glue Sticks
  4. Accessories of Your Choice. (We used a burlap flower and jeweled button from Hobby Lobby.)
  5. Scissors

Step One:

Squeeze hot glue onto small area and press moss into glue. Continue until full area is covered.

How to make DIY Moss Letters for your wedding

Step Two:

Trim the extra...


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