Vintage and Modern Inspired Styled Shoot

Growing up in the South, you will find that many have a deep appreciation about history. Though history does have its flaws, most would admit that Southern History has its share of romance, strength, and charm. The Historic Bleak House exudes all of those traits. Located in Knoxville, Tennessee, this antebellum Classical Revival was built in 1858 for two newlyweds from prominent families. The Bleak House is the perfect location for this styled shoot by Shutter Sprite Photography! But as much as we love the classics, we equally love to follow trends. With raw crystals, mixed metals, and personalized elements, this styled shoot has something for every taste.

styled shoot
Photo by: Shutter Sprite Photography
historical styled shoot
Photo by: Shutter Sprite Photography

The vision behind this styled shoot was Classic Glamour and History meets Modern, Whimsy, and Trendy, with a dose of DIY.  Shutter Sprite Photography wanted all of the elements to come together in this one styled shoot. The raw crystals...


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