Chic Micro Charleston Wedding!

Chic Micro Charleston Wedding!

Hi everyone! Today, we are introducing this gorgeous chic micro wedding in Charleston, SC which features a super cute couple, gorgeous details, tons of Charleston brick and an awesome rooftop overlooking the city! This stunning South Carolina gives the perfect wedding inspiration if you are wanting to hold a micro wedding of your own!This was Ann and Brandon's third wedding in the planning. As many can relate, Covid wrecked their first two plans which were both much different. The went from a large guest count, art museum venue with stations, to a swanky loft rooftop with a pizza food truck—covid wrecked all of it. When it comes to planning weddings, the third time is charmingly exhausting and Ann says they were planned out. After their third of planning they Google'd “small wedding venues in Charleston, SC.” Neither of them had ever been there. They found Upstairs at Midtown and loved the look, the rooftop and that they helped...




What is a Micro Wedding?

Micro weddings are becoming more and more popular! What is a micro wedding, you ask? Tiny weddings or micro weddings usually consist of 30 or fewer guests. A more intimate wedding option, they represent a substantial cost saving over traditional events. That's just the beginning! Join us for more below! Before we get started, don't forget to grab a FREE copy of our Wedding Day Emergency Kit List to ensure you have everything you need!

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Today, we're talking about a new trend that we've seen growing and growing, and it's all about micro weddings! We're going to tell you a bit about what they are and the reasons you might want to have one. We'll include some extra special tips on how to have a fabulous micro wedding as well! We've brought in our expert from Chapel in the Hollow, Chastidyi, to discuss everything with us. Not only is she a venue owner, but she also specializes...


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