Seven Wedding Linen Color Ideas for Fall

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 There’s nothing quite like fall with its cool and crisp air, amber skies, and gorgeous foliage. It’s no wonder the changing autumnal landscape is considered one of the most beautiful times to get married.  Fall weddings are all about evoking the lush natural tones of the season and bringing warmth and depth to the celebration. And there’s no better way to achieve this look than through your wedding linens and fabrics.

If you’re planning to tie the knot in autumn, we’ve got you covered with these gorgeous color palettes for your wedding linens.


Red + Orange Mix

 Fall weddings bring to mind rich reds and bright oranges. When it comes to wedding linens, however, according to BBJ Linen’s article about rustic wedding ideas, color mixed fabrics that won’t compete with the setting. Opt for reds imbued with deep purple and hints of metallic gold that honor the season’s variations. This adds a...


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