Mile Marker Images: Knoxville Wedding Photography & Portraiture

"Mile Marker Images is above all a passionate Knoxville wedding photographer!


Mile Marker Images is more than just photography. “We think of ourselves as storytellers capturing unique moments on your wedding day. We chase great love and great light. And we do it with passion and enthusiasm. We work with you every step of the way to produce better images and lasting memories. Each image contains more memories than just what is in the photo. Your mind will remember smells & sounds too. Your memory will even remember things happening just outside the edges of the photo. Photos are the mile markers of your memory.” says owner, Al Harris. “We'll go above & beyond. Our work starts and stops with breath-taking, one-of-a-kind photos. A wedding shouldn’t be a cliché & neither should the photos."


We always ask our members why they go into the wedding business, and Mile Marker Images was no different. “I practiced architecture and design for...


Knoxville Wedding Photographer: 2 Hodges Photography

Today we're highlighting this outstanding Knoxville Wedding Photographer: 2 Hodges Photography!


Steve and Kandi have been a wedding photography team for 7 years. They are able to trust what the other is doing throughout the wedding day and know they are capturing all of your most important photos. They like to say that when they shoot events it feels more like a choreographed dance, a duet perfected through years of experience. They see scenes differently and shoot differently, meaning Steve gets more of the close-ups while Kandi shoots more of the big, scenic shots. Their couples always love that Steve is actually the one who takes care of making sure the wedding dress looks perfect all throughout the wedding day!

"It's an advantage to us that we know what our strengths are, we have different strengths, and these help us provide a professional and fun wedding day that results in gorgeous wedding photos."


"It's important to have a plan and then be able to go...


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