How to Write Wedding Thank You Cards

It’s hard to believe that after all the work of planning a wedding, there is still more to do once the wedding is over! You still need to write your Thank You cards! After all, your family and friends were the ones who traveled all that way to see you two tie the knot and took time and money to find you the perfect gift. There are so many different rules to follow for Thank You Cards that it can get overwhelming. We have provided you with some tips to keep your wedding etiquette prim and proper.



Proper etiquette states that Thank You cards needs to be sent within 3 Months of the event. If you have a large guest count, make sure to spread out writing thank you cards over several days' time. Otherwise, it will become a daunting task. Also, writing out thank you cards can go by so much faster if you both complete the task rather than one person having to tackle such a massive project!


 Be Specific

Thank your guests for coming as well as the gift...


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